Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

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What Are Construction Tools?

Construction tools are instruments and equipment utilized in construction work. They serve various purposes and aid in building projects. Some common construction tools include hammers, drills, saws, measuring tapes, levels, wrenches, screwdrivers, and many more. These tools are essential for performing tasks such as cutting, fastening, measuring, leveling, and general construction work.

 Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work


It is a measuring tool composed of a flexible ribbon made of plastic, fiberglass, or metal strip, with linear measurement markings. This tool is used for measuring length, size, or distance.

2.Plumb Bob

A plumb bob is a small weight with a pointed tip that is suspended from a string. It is an indispensable construction tool used to ensure accurate vertical alignment in civil engineering and construction projects.
Plumb Bob

3. Hammer




A hammer is a tool that consists of a weighted head attached to a long handle. It is used to drive nails into shuttering boards, walls, and other surfaces.


4. Masonry Trowel

It is a handheld tool commonly used in brickwork, stonework, or plastering. It is utilized for placing, leveling, shaping, and smoothing mortar or concrete.

Masonry Trowel

5. Head Pan

It is a round container, resembling a bowl, used for transporting construction materials.

Head Pan

6. Wooden Float

 This tool has a plane surface used to make concrete surface smooth during plastering and finishing.
Wooden Float

7. Hoe

It is a long-handled tool with a sharp metal blade that is used for various tasks such as digging, mixing concrete ingredients, and placing mortar or concrete in a head pan.


8. Crow Bar

A crowbar is a metallic tool primarily used for extracting nails from shuttering boards. 

Crow Bar

9. Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow is a construction tool consisting of one wheel and two handles. It is used to transport materials such as concrete, soil, or any other substances from one location to another.

Wheel Barrow


A long-handled tool with a blade that is shorter and less curved than that of a shovel, primarily used for digging purposes.


11. Vacuum Blower

It is used to clean dust from floor or concrete slab.
Vacuum Blower

12. Needle Vibrator

This construction tool is highly essential during the process of pouring concrete into reinforcement. It is used to compact the concrete thoroughly and ensure proper consolidation.

13. Earth Rammer

This tool is utilized to level the soil on the ground.

Earth Rammer

14. Tamper

A tamper is a manual hand tool utilized for compressing or compacting earth or soil. By compacting the earth, it becomes firm and level, providing a suitable foundation for projects that require a hard and flat surface.


15. Rubber Boots

These are used to protect the skin from direct contact with harmful chemicals, dangerous machinery, and tools.

Rubber Boots

 16. Safety Belt

A safety belt is essential when working at heights.

Safety Belt

17. Safety Glass

This is used to save our eyes while drilling, hacking/roughening, grinding.

18. Hand Gloves

These are utilized to prevent direct contact with harmful chemicals, dangerous tools, or machinery.

19. Helmet

Safety helmet is must in construction works.Safety helmets are designed to protect the user’s head from impacts caused by objects falling from a height or any potentially fatal accidents.

20. Wire Brush

It is used to clean concrete surfaces and other materials.

21. Rebound Hammer

It is used to assess the compressive strength of concrete.

22. Welding Machine

This machine is used for welding purposes to joint different pieces of steel or rods.

23. Putty Knife

A putty knife is a handheld tool employed in putty finishing to control and limit the thickness of the putty application.

Putty Knife

24. Ladder

Ladder is used to climb up or climb down.

 25. Binding Hook

It is a valuable construction tool used for tying binding wires in reinforcement.

26. Water Level

An U-shaped tube is utilized to check the level by observing the water’s surface.


27. Torpedo Level

This tool combines the functions of a line level and framing square.

28.Tile Cutter

This tool is utilized in tiling or marble work to cut tiles or marbles into the desired size and shape.

29. Jack Hammer

These construction tools are employed to demolish old concrete, break stones, remove pavement, and dismantle various surfaces in construction projects.

30. Circular Saw

It is an electrically driven machine equipped with a circular blade, primarily used for cutting wood, steel rods, and other materials. This tool has replaced the traditional hand saw in many applications.

31. Hand Saw

It is a manual hand tool utilized for cutting wood in tasks such as shuttering and other woodworking activities.

32. Drill

A drill machine is a tool designed to bore holes of circular cross-section in various solid materials, including wood, steel, concrete, and more. It is commonly used in construction, woodworking, and other industries for precise hole drilling.


33. Sand Screening Machine

A sieve is employed to separate sand for use in construction work. The sand is poured onto the sieve or mesh, which vibrates to effectively separate fine-grained sand particles.


 34. Concrete Mixer

This is a construction tool utilized for manual mixing of cement, sand, aggregates, and water to produce concrete.


 35. Polisher

An electrically driven polishing machine is employed for polishing granite and marbles. This machine aids in achieving a highly smooth surface for marble materials.


 36. Right Angle Frame

It is used to check the right angle of masonry or plastering work.

Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

                                            Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

37. Core Cutter Machine

Core cutting is a machine used to create an opening for pipes, wires, ventilating, and to avoid going through reinforcement, core cutting must be carefully planned.

Uses Of The Core Cutter Machine

A core cutting machine is utilized for various purposes, including creating holes for installing ducts for air conditioners (A.C.s), pipes, and other installations. In addition, it can be used to extract samples for strength testing in old structures or bridges. Whether it’s for horizontal or vertical holes, a core cutting machine is suitable for the task.


Core Cutter Machine

38. Excavator

An excavator is a construction vehicle specifically designed for excavating or moving large materials such as soil, stones, and more.

Uses Of An Excavator

Excavators are utilized in construction work for the purpose of excavating soil. Their main advantages include digging trenches, holes, and foundations.


39. Forklift

A forklift is an industrial vehicle designed with a power-operated forked platform securely attached to the front. It is used for lifting and lowering goods, enabling them to be inserted under a cargo in order to lift or move it.

Uses of Forklift

It is commonly utilized in a warehouse environment as a forklift to efficiently and swiftly move goods within the warehouse. Additionally, it can be used to load and unload goods from transport trailers or train cars.


Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

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