Standard Height Of Bathroom Fittings

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The importance of bathroom in our daily life cannot be ignored. Because bathroom is the place where people not only clean themselves but also get relaxed. 

Bathroom fittings and accessories need sufficient space and right location so that every family member can use them effectively and easily.In this article, I will discuss the typical height of bathroom fixtures that are commonly found in households.


Standard Bathroom Size


The standard size for a combined bathroom, including the bath area, WC, and sink, is typically 5 feet by 8 feet. The ceiling height should be sufficient to accommodate individuals comfortably during a shower bath. It is recommended to have a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet.

Standard Height Of Bathroom Fittings

A list of bathroom fittings with standard heights is discussed below.

1. Taps And Water Basins

The height of taps and water basins should be determined to ensure convenient access for every member of the family. The standard height for taps and basins is typically set at 3 feet.


2. Showerheads

The height of the showerhead or rain shower should be set at a level that allows for a gentle flow of water without touching your head. An ideal height range is between 6 feet and 6.5 feet. but this can be adjusted for shorter or taller person.


 3. Mirror

Mirror is a must needed element in bathroom. The height of mirrors should be adjusted according to individual height. Typically 5.6 feet is considered ideal.

4. Soapdish

The soap dish should be positioned away from the shower spray to prevent water accumulation. It can be installed at heights ranging from 44 to 54 inches.


5. Towel Ring

The standard height for a towel ring is typically set between 50 and 52 inches measured from the floor.

6. Towel Rail

The standard height for a towel rail is 48 inches from the finished floor. However, it can be adjusted based on the user’s preference and the type of bathroom.


7. Toilet Paper Holder

The standard height for a toilet paper holder is 26 inches from the floor, and it should be positioned 12 inches away from the rim of the toilet.

8.Light Switch And Fixtures

There should be a minimum clearance of 5 feet between a light switch and any water source. Hanging lights must be fixed at a minimum height of 8 feet and positioned 3 feet away from the perimeter of a bathing area.

Light Switch And Fixtures

  Standard Height Of Bathroom Fittings

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